Webroot Integration for Kaseya

  • 20 September 2017
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My company is moving to Webroot late next month. We are an MSP that use Kaseya RMM tool to support our customers. Anyone have experiance with it. Do you like it? What do you like about it? dislikes? I wanna know what I am getting myself into here. I know that Kaseya does not have a good reputation with intregrations.

2 replies

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We're a Kaseya / Webroot shop (for the most part - we also use Continuum along with Kaseya) but have over 2,000 agents with Kaseya. 
The integration available inside of Kaseya was initially made by another company, however, I believe its now been taken over by Webroot. We had used it in its infancy of beta / v1.x and is now at 2.x. 
Take a read over the following installation guide to the module:
It's a quick install and will require you to run a re-apply of the schema after it gets installed. Sometimes that happens automatically, but most of hte time you need to run it. (This is part of the rollout steps). It's important, depending on how many VSA Users you have, to select only the roles that will see this Add-On. We have Co-Managed IT with some of our Customers to allow them access, but we may not want them to see the Webroot Add-On so we hide it from their Roles. 
Once it's installed you're really good to go. You'll see the agents you have, be able to deploy out to them and see a lot of other information.
Historically, for us, we see the benefit of using the Add-On, however, we tend to more go straight into the Webroot portal itself. The biggest benefit I'd say to use this for is a single pane of glass with access. There's been times it's not reflecting the actual WR portal and whether or not it's installed or latest threats, but those instances have been pretty few and far between.
If you're already with Kaseya, you know they are not the best with support, and since this integration is from WR, you likely won't get much support from them on it. As with normal practices, make backups beforehand, but we never had any issues installing / uninstalling / upgrading the module and it's worked as designed since day 1.
Hope this helps! 
I am in transition right now from KES to Webroot. I wil ltellyou rightnow the webRoot console in Kaseya is a littel basic, but it does its job well. I rolled out 105 endpoitns and install in less than 30 minutes on all of the online machines with no failures. Try that with AVG  or Kasperky in Kaseya, not gonna happen.
But the kaseya module is not where you will do your work, the My Web Root online portal is where you will manage most of your endpoints, get reprots etc. It works great BTW.
I have been assured by my Webroot rep that they will be rolling out a more encompassing console for the vsa Soon. He didnt say how encompasing but that they are adding more to the module.
When I first started exploring Webroot, they almost lost me using their products, and I was going to find another solution, not because of anythign Webroot did, it was on the Kaseya support end. Once I got ahold of the Webroot techs, everything got fixed ASAP. So for me they are doing great and I love their product. I have it running side by side with AVG and Malwarebytes and it is pulling stuff out that they are both missing.
Hopefully that helps a little for you.