Webroot, let it expire?

  • 13 February 2019
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My problem:
I bought my Webroot Anywhere for 3 devices from Best Buy. They cleaned 1 computer, I purchased a new Laptop computer and they put Webroot Anywhere program on both.
I went to Best Buy with my Laptop and discussed my issues with not being able to access my Account Console or my Password manager. My Account when I access it from Webroot is as if I don't have anything being protected.
The Tech told me, because of many issues I was having, it would be easier to let my Webroot subscription expire and then purchase a new subscription. The Tech assured me my computers were being protected but that I would not be able to access my console or password manager. Should I do this, and let best Buy do a new Webroot install?

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Hello Vic2020,

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

May I ask how many days you have left on your Best Buy Subscription?

If you are having issues accessing your Account Console then I would Submit a Support Ticket so that the Webroot Support Technicians can look into your issue. (This is a free service with a Webroot subscription.) Tech Support are the only ones that can fix your Online Account Console.

If Best Buy is telling you to buy a new subscription and telling you that you will not be able to sign into your Account Console does not sound right to me. Password Manager is a different story as Webroot Developers are having issues with the PWM and that should be fixed pretty soon I hope. But you should be able to access your Online Account Console. One more thing if you rebuy Webroot then you will lose your Password Manager and online access by using a different keycode. Which you would need to contact support anyways to fix that.

I hope I understood your question and if not please get back to us.

expires 5/25/19. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have been struggling with this issue for months. Thought I could figure it out but have given up trying.

I am upset with Best Buy, they want $199.99 to activate the Geek Squad total protection service, and 59.99 for the Webroot Program. If I don't want the Geek Squad service plan then if I have a problem I have to pay for the time it takes them to fix the problem.

Can you explain your last part, you say don't renew with Best Buy, and opt out to purchase Webroot from Webroot online? I'm confused?
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Hello Vic2020,

Yes I am sorry for the confusion. I did not want to influence you so I deleted that input. The thing is did you ever have access to your Online Account Console with your subscription now?

Best Buy cannot fix your Online Account Console. This has to be done in the back office of Webroot Support. So I would call or contact Webroot Support Call https://tel:18666124227and explain your issue before purchasing Webroot again. I would purchase directly from Webroot when you call and then you will have free technical support if you ever have issues with Webroot AntiVirus. Tell Support you have a keycode that is expiring in May and could they renew your keycode by purchasing from them. Then if you have auto pay with Best Buy then I would cancel that subscription. If you renew with Webroot then you should be able to keep your Online Account Console /Password Manager without losing it. I am not 100% sure if that is how it goes anymore because things may have changed. Regardless just renew with Webroot by calling them IMO. Then explain your issue with not being able to access your Online Account Console and they will help you from there. Support will be able to fix you right up.

Now the Geek Squad just wants $199.99 for a years subscription to repair your computers if something goes wrong. If you bought a new computer from BB then I want you to know that you have a one year warranty with the computers manufacturer anyways.. Make sure you register your new computer online so you will have that warranty. It is up to you if you want to pay for Geek Squad Support. But they are not going to be able to fix the Online Account Console so that is why they are telling you that. They know they cannot fix that Webroot issue. But they can install a new Webroot with a new keycode.

EDITED: @Vic2020
Please look here for Webroot's prices.

Do you understand alittle bit more now? If not holler. We have alot of great volunteers here to help you anytime.

@LLiddell can you advise anything else?
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@Vic2020 ,

One more thing even if you have a Best Buy Webroot subscription, You still get free Webroot Support. I apologize for this confusion as well.
Thank you very much. I understand and thank you for helping me. So grateful!!!
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Anytime! You're most welcome 😊