Why does your software block Autodesk software updates?

 Topic says it all.
I've got about $50,000 in software here that I can't update because your AV software blocks it.
This started about 2 or 3 weeks ago, maybe a little more.
It's also deleting the plugins that I have for Autodesk Inventor.
Now, if I could get the IT people to let me turn it off temporarily, that'd solve the problem with the software updates ... but it wouldn't help with stopping your software from killing off my plugins.
This is a pretty massive fail, Webroot.  Are you guys partnered up with the makers of Solidworks or something?

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Sorry about that, it sounds like a pain especially if the IT folks won't cooperate - I've pinged one of our support guys to come help out.  
Funny thing about corporate IT folks - you ask them to let you turn off the AV software for any reason and their response is almost invariably - and I'm quoting my IT guy directly here - "F^&K YOU, NO!!!!!!!!!!"
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Yeah I can understand that mentality, especially when roles are separate.  Still frustrating.  Our support should be able to get the updater whitelisted so that we can hopefully get the problem to go away.
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We likely just need to white list the software to prevent the agent from messing with the update. I'd like you to please run the following log utility on one of the affected machines and then send me a private message with the email address you used when running the utility. The utility will upload the diagnostics to our server for review.
Thank you!
Done, and PM sent.
Basically, anything coming from the Autodesk Application Manager needs to be whitelisted, and you should also have the info in there for the plugins getting zapped.
The problem also happens when I manually download and attempt to install the updates.
The other thing that's getting blocked for no particularly good reason is a program from a company called Melin, that makes carbide thread milling cutters.  They have a program to automagically generate toolpaths based on their cutters, and the installer for that is also getting deleted on execution.  Again, you should see that in the log files as well.
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I have corrected a few false postiives and stopped the rules marking those. I have also white listed quite a few files related to the software and created rules to automatically white list the software when the hashes change next.
All you need to do is run a scan on the machine to update the determinations. Then we should stop catching a monitoring the software.
Running it now, let's see what happens ...
Success, thus far.  Hopefully the future updates work as well as this one.
This issue appears to continue to manifest - when attempting to apply updates to Autodesk REVIT 2017 (specifically, update SP2, 2017.2 or 2017.2.1), the Autodesk revit fails with an error message "Error 1310. Error writing to file..."

In diagnosing, we finally discovered that the update would succeed normall _IF_ the Webroot AV agent is shut down (move client to "global override" policy," allowing webroot agent to be shutdown.

Immediately upon shutting down Webroot, the Autodesk Revit update would complete & succeed. It's important to be aware that none of the Webroot logs indicated that any action was being taken or process blocked - the various systems where the Revit update was failing (we've encountered this issue on at least three systems, mix of Win7 and Win10 Pro this past week) came back clean when reviewing Webroot logs.
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@, please reach out to our Support Team so they can ensure this is resolved for you.
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