[win 10 pro x64] wsa issues

  • 3 November 2017
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Hi there. I've wsa installed on nearly 100 endpoints. I'm experiencing some random issues on some pc's and I've already opened a ticket with the support but in the meantime I'd like to know if other people got into this strange behaviour.
Randomly (at the moment only six machines are affected), wsa stops communicating with the cloud console which is showing me "not recently seen". At the endpoint side,  wsa seems to be stuck....right click mouse doesen't work (nothing happens), a double click over the icon opens webroot iconized but I cannot enlarge the window. If I click over it, nothing happens. No way to remove it from the endpoint side as I should do it through the web console which is in any case not communicating correctly with the pc. I cannot stop webroot and try to rebuild the WrData folder (as suggested) since I have no menù option available. I have a bunch of pc's with the same operating system and same hardware (same subnet too) so it gets really hard for me to find out the reason of this issue.
Has anyone else already experienced something similar?
thanks and best regards

1 reply

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Greetings @,
I've checked with our Support Team and they haven't heard of the case you've described.
They will need to dig into the logs from your Endpoint(s) to determine what is causing this. If you need any help getting in contact with our Support Team, please send me a PM and I'll be glad to help. Thanks!
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