Windows 10 1709 CPU issues

  • 14 April 2018
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Since release of Windows 10 version 1709, major CPU issues could occour with some clients. Mainly with Internet Explorer and Task Manager. When opening Internet Explorer, the computer simply stops responding. The cursor wont move at first, only after several seconds. Same thing with Task Manager.
I've asked our reseller for help but haven't got any feedback on this issue. Now i'm reaching out here, hoping someone might be aware of the same issue? Many of our customers are experiencing this issue and are forced to uninstall Webroot to use the computer.
I had the same issue on my computer but after reinstallation of Windows it seems fine. Not a fix for our customers though. Reinstallation all the computers would be too much work and not a solution.
Anyone know of a hotfix?

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We have found that recent changes by MSFT to Windows APIs can result in what you're seeing.  There are changes in the next WSA release to deal with this.  The next WSA release is due for beta next week and , if that goes ok, we'll look to start fully releasing towards the end of this month.

Sounds great! Looking forward for the beta.