Windows 10 message that Webroot and Defendor are both turned off keeps oping up.

  • 9 September 2019
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When I login, the message that Windows Defender and Webroot SecureAnywhere are both turned off. When I run Webroot and start a scan, Webroot suddenly disappear. This is happening on a Surface running Windows 10 Home and on a Surface Pro running Windows 10 Pro. It doesn't occur on my desktop PC which is running Windows 10 Enterprise.

I have seen this being reported 3 years ago. The fix suggested cannot be applied to the current version of Windows 10.

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3 replies

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Just installed App on Win 10 Home and had the same issue but then WD did turn off leaving SecureAnywhere primary

Then loaded on my Win 10 Pro and SecureAnywhere turned off with WD on, manually turned SA on and WD turned off

Have you tried the latter?
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No, this doesn't work. Every time I run the Webroot application, it pops up for a short while and then disappear. It also disappears from hidden icons. However, Defender says both defender and Webroot are both running.
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