BrightGauge Integration

  • 18 October 2017
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We get a limited data set from Webroot into BrightGauge via a Continuum API Integration. Is there plans to release a standalone that we could use for interacting with the Webroot Console directly and create gauges that would show agents with active infections? We like to use BrightGauge as we way to see any items we need to actively work on as they will get more attention then something in a portal or a ticket that may get caught by the wayside. 

2 replies

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You'll have to show me this when we have our meeting.  I'm excited to see how you use it and what it looks like from your end.  From there, I'm sure we'll come up with a ton of questions to ask the PM and Dev teams.
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I'm really late at updating this but just in is the link to the BrightGauge integration.