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I notice the on-premise version of webroot for Kaseya has been updated twice in recent month.s however, there has been no announcement made here.

How are we to know when new versions are released, if no announcement is made? I only know by occasionally searching the Kaseya Automation Exchange and noting the release date. It's really tedious to have to constantly go and search every week or so, in the hope that a new version may be released.

Also, there is no changelog or release notes provided. How are we to know what has changed or been fixed in each release?

Really, someone needs to be doing a better job of announcing to the Webroot community when new versions are released, and what the changes are.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will share this with the team and determine where we can make improvements in the process. In the meantime you can check our business release notes page as well for the most recent updates.
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The latest versions of the Kaseya plugin will show a pop-up indicating a new version is available in the "Overview" screen/tab, as illustrated below.

We will look to add announcements in the Community too.

Thank you!