Data stored by Webroot WiFi Security

  • 2 October 2018
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Data stored by Webroot WiFi Security
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Discusses what information is stored and saved by the Webroot WiFi Security service

Data stored by Webroot WiFi Security

WiFi Security is limited in what data is stored and only stores information related to maintaining the quality of service. Here is the information that is logged each time you use the service:
  • Date and time on which the usage session began and finished
  • The amount of data transmitted during the session
  • To which VPN server location you connected to
  • The country you’ve connected from (we do not hold IP addresses)
  • The number of devices simultaneously connected through your account

WiFi Security does not collect your browsing activity, the sites you visit, downloaded or viewed data, DNS queries, or IP addresses.

If your WiFi Security app crashes, logs of what happened on the device for a brief period prior to the crash will be logged for troubleshooting purposes only. This may include some downloaded data and DNS queries which may be helpful for our engineers to aid in identifying the cause of the crash.

You can learn more from our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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