• 13 June 2018
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25th May, 2018 By Vishal Thakur MalwareBytes Labs
SummaryEmotet Banking Trojan malware has been around for quite some time now. As such, infosec researchers have made several attempts to develop tools to de-obfuscate and even decrypt the AES-encrypted code belonging to this malware.
The problem with these tools is that they target active versions of the malware. They run into problems when the authors of the malware change the code. The change could be anything from slight variations to the code structure to drastic changes such as moving from a VBA project to PowerShell scripting. Usually, even a minor code variation breaks the tools.
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Quote from Threat - "Be sure to watch out this year for new social engineering scams looking to take advantage of this holiday. All of these fake greeting card links lead to a word document that will download emotet banking trojan if you enable the macro."
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