Community Involvement/Nastiest Malware Giveaway!

  • 1 October 2021
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With the holiday season quickly approaching, we have decided to get things moving on the community with a BIG giveaway program that will take place over the next month. This giveaway will start on Monday, October 4th and end on Halloween  - Look out for that official start of giveaway “Spooky Community Contest” thread on that day! We have a lot of prizes that you can win in a number of ways:

  • Being an active member on the community - make relevant posts, start discussions, answer questions that are posted by other members. Being a helpful member of our community will provide you with a chance to win our biggest prizes!
  • We will be giving away random prizes on certain posts - look out for those! 
  • Leaderboard standings
    • Note: We are changing how the points system of the leaderboard works very slightly. We are reducing points earned on certain activities to make it harder to “Game” that system

Are you excited to earn some cool tech/toys?! Do you have any suggestions for this giveaway or for the community in general going forward? Please leave a comment below! This month-long event is all about community member involvement so we’d LOVE to hear from you! 



Be like this guy and win some free stuff!


2 replies

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Free stuff is always cool. But the real prize is making me go read more articles and news, and notice comments.  Thanks for the giveaway though.  I’m going to win something!!!

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I agree with @MajorHavoc .   I’ve been reading here more to see where there were areas I could contribute.