MDR is here: Introducing a long-awaited solution from OpenText, Webroot and Blackpoint Cyber

  • 11 October 2021
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MDR is here: Introducing a long-awaited solution from OpenText, Webroot and Blackpoint Cyber
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Big news, Community! You talked, we listened and took action.

Carbonite + Webroot, OpenText Companies, are excited to announce the release of two new MDR (Managed Detection and Response) options for customers looking for proactive threat detection and response capabilities to become truly resilient against cyber threats, like ransomware.

  • Webroot MDR powered by Blackpoint is a turnkey solution for MSPs developed by world-class security experts to provide 24/7/365 threat hunting, monitoring and remediation.
  • OpenText MDR is designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with specific implementation and integration requirements determined by their business and IT environments.

Both solutions are powered by the industry leading BrightCloud®️ Threat Intelligence platform. The same contextual insights trusted by many of the world’s leading technology vendors will now help security operations center (SOC) personnel detect threats earlier and work to remediate them quicker.

Together, these solutions address growing threats against core segments of our business: MSPs and their mid-market customers. As cyber threats like ransomware accelerate and increasingly target SMBs, its important organizations’ defenses keep up. Our new MDR solutions will ensure organizations can maintain their security posture while addressing today’s volume and variance of attacks, even with limited in-house security expertise.

Relatedly, as ransomware rates push never-before-seen levels, pressure is being put on cybersecurity insurance issuers to mandate MDR solutions as a prerequisite for coverage. Offering MDR allows us to assist customers in achieving compliance with these mandates, as well as with NIST, ISO, HIPPA, PCI and other common safety standards.

Research also shows the time-to-detection of breaches among mid-market businesses needs improvement. According to Verizon, 53% of breaches affecting SMBs took weeks or longer to discover. With our MDR solutions, our customers will now benefit from high infection detection rates and reduced time to detection of breaches.

Finally, our MDR solutions allow us to preserve key performance benefits that made us a popular choice among MSPs in the first place. Webroot®️ Business Endpoint Protection protection will remain light on devices, easy to deploy and with fully customizable reporting.

In short, the new MDR offerings will allow our partners and customers to:

  • Reduce the impact of successful attacks
  • Minimize the business impact of breaches
  • Benefit from best-in-class AI augmented by human experts
  • Achieve compliance with common security standards
  • Be up and running quickly with curated onboarding, monitoring and reporting

Interested in learning more about our new MDR offerings, including which is right for your business? For more information, view the infographic and solutions brief attached below.

To get your own MDR conversation started, you can get in touch with us here.

7 replies

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Awesome news. We are currently a BlackPoint partner and their service/solution is top notch.



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Yes everyone is in love with the partnership! :heart_eyes:

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I had to look up what MDR means, as it is not written out anywhere in the forum post. Turns out to be a Managed Detection and Response system. Let's see if we can make a business case for it.

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This does show how much people are becoming to depend on security as a service. As for this above news, I like this idea. This will allow MSPs to have more tools in their service box and also appear to be larger. Put another way, it would allow some MSPs with a very basic toolkit, such as installing Webroot, to become more of an MSSP (Managed security Service Provider).  So not only are they making sure that their customer’s information systems are useful to the customer, they are making sure these same systems are not useful to any bad actors. It does not matter who actually performs the work on the back end (as long as it is quality work), and it does appear that Blackpoint Cyber is very capable in this regard. 

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Is this available to UK Partners yet?

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Hi Bill,  we are working diligently to make it available this year in EMEA.  I will update as soon as I have more information.   

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Hi Bill,  we are working diligently to make it available this year in EMEA.  I will update as soon as I have more information.   

Any update as to when it will be available in EMEA?