PCMag Recognizes Carbonite as One of the Best Backup Solutions for 2021

  • 2 April 2021
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PCMag Recognizes Carbonite as One of the Best Backup Solutions for 2021
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Carbonite has been named among PCMag’s best. This time, our 2021 awards are in the Best Online Backup Services for 2021 and Best Cloud Backup Services for Business categories, and we’re thrilled!  

PCMag has been the leading authority on technology buying since 1982, delivering labs-based and independent reviews of more than 2,000 products per year. 

Here’s some more info on the categories, as well as some of the nice things the folks at PCMag had to say about our products.

The Best Online Backup Services for 2021

Users need to protect their computers and mobile devices from all data loss threats, including hard drive failure, ransomware, and natural disasters. These are PCMag’s top-rated online backup services make it easy to secure files.

The Best Cloud Backup Services for Business

Cloud adoption has surged during the pandemic with one of the most popular categories being cloud backup services aimed at business. These solutions address the essential problem of keeping data safe and accessible in a remote working world. 

“Carbonite is both slick and simple to use, which demystifies a lot of the hurdles businesses bump into when setting up cloud backups.” - PCMag 

“Carbonite is well suited to remote workers and distributed teams requiring basic and reliable cloud backup for up to 25 computers a month.” - PCMag

“Ease of use is, again, Carbonite Safe’s strong point. It's easy not only to configure your backups but also perform a restore either on just a few files and folders or across a full system backup.” - PCMag

A few other reviews from ITPro and PCWorld

PCMag wasn’t the only one out there talking about Carbonite recently. Both ITPro and PCWorld recently reviewed Carbonite Safe. In fact PCWorld had this to say,

“Carbonite Safe is a near-perfect combination of automatic backup, seamless integration with your system, and easy configuration. Integration with the right-click menu in Windows Explorer is a joy, as is the readily viewable status of backed up items.” - PCWorld


We’re absolutely delighted to be added to PCMag’s Best Of list for 2021!

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You should create an “awards and recognition” page to highlight all these. 

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Been using Carbonite and Webroot for years and have been saved many times when my computer broke and got a new one as everything was restored just like before. Webroot protects and defends my computer and other devices. Completely Satisifed with the quality service, competent and friendly tech support, and 24/7 protection from Carbonite and Webroot Secure. 


Thank you.