[Preview Video] Stay Protected with Webroot Internal Security Training Courses!

  • 9 December 2019
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[Preview Video] Stay Protected with Webroot Internal Security Training Courses!
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Webroot is now offering a free 20-minute course, as well as some additional learning assets (like a security checklist) to the public! Most data/cyber-security breaches happen as a result of human error and Webroot is dedicated to educating our users to practice better security at home and while at work. Check out the above video and the additional description of this offering below:

Visit to start your training today!

Webroot Partner Training | Internal Security Best Practices empowers IT administrators and security advocates with key concepts and process recommendations necessary for identifying vulnerabilities and protecting network environments.

Learn more by viewing the additional resources featured in this training:

The Webroot Partner Training helps you evaluate, document, and reflect on the status of your network security.

Download the checklist here:

Go further with a technical deep-dive of the Webroot-recommended actions you can take to proactively defend against cyber-threats and data breaches with the Webroot Malware Prevention Guide.

View the Malware Prevention Guide here:

Let us know what you think of the training courses here


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