The Next Generation of Webroot SecureAnywhere is Here

  • 25 September 2013
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Hello TEXPHIL and Welcome the Webroot Community Forums.
Please look at my post here as WSA is compatible with Win 8.1 both 32bit & 64bit!
And there is no need to YELL!
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Thanks TH. :robothappy:
TEXPHIL - Please let me know if this resolved your issue so I know whether this issue requires gathering logs and more investigation on our part.
Did the fresh uninstall/reinstall that TH suggested work?
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No...  I uninstalled and re-installed a couple times. The problem isn't whether Webroot Secure aAnywhere is compatible or works in W8.1. The app seems compatible. The problem is with the Password Management Toolbar. It is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer 11. I even tried the "toolbar Fix" app and that did not work. It works fine in my Chrome however. By the admission of a Webroot Tech, the toolbar is not compatible and they are aware of this issue and supposedly working on a resolve. Again, why would Webroot release an app knowing that part of it is not compatible with the new IE 11 and not mentioning that in any of it's release notes......
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Thank you for your response and patience. The issue should be fixed in the next version update of the extention.