Webroot® takes 1st Place in 2022 PassMark® Software testing of security products

  • 21 March 2022
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Webroot® takes 1st Place in 2022 PassMark® Software testing of security products
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Webroot®️ once again outperformed competitors in its latest round of testing by the performance benchmarking firm PassMark for February, 2022. In taking the highest score in the category, Webroot®️ beat out competitors including BitDefender™️, McAfee®️, Norton, and ESET®️ security products.

PassMark®️ Software Party, Ltd. specializes in "the development of high quality performance benchmarking solutions as well as providing expert independent IT consultancy services to clients ranging from government organizations to major IT heavyweights."

For this report, the company conducted objective testing of nine endpoint security products, including Webroot®️ SecureAnywhere Internet Security with Antivirus. Tests measured efficacy and performance in 15 categories including:

  • Installation size
  • Boot time
  • CPU usage during idle and scan
  • Memory usage during idle and scheduled scan
  • File Copy, Move and Delete
  • File Write, Open and Close
  • File Compression and Decompression
  • Chrome launch time and browse time

Webroot®️ stood out in several categories in addition to taking the overall best score awarded to any security products. Some categories were not just won, but won handily.

In installation time, for instance, Webroot®️ completed installation in just under three and a half seconds, while the next fastest installation time was more than 21 seconds and almost 40x faster than the average for competitors!

Installation size was a similar category. It’s an important metric because, according to PassMark, “In offering new features and functionality to users, security software products tend to increase in size with each new release.” This can adversely affect device performance, causing slowdowns and hits to productivity. Webroot®️ scored first place here easily with 1/10th the size of the nearest competitor and taking up 23.5x less space than average competitor!

Another big category Webroot®️ best competitors is browse time. It is common behavior for security products to scan data for malware as it is downloaded from the internet or intranet. This behavior may negatively impact browsing speed as products scan web content for malware. This metric measures the time taken to browse a set of popular websites to consecutively load from a local server in a user’s browser window.

Webroot®️ also took the top spot in the categories of memory usage during initial scan, memory usage during scheduled scan, scheduled scan time,  file write, open and close, and file compression and decompression.


Interested in reading the full report? You can download a copy here

7 replies

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I love these PassMark tests! 


We are always the fastest and most light-weight AV.

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I will always remember when @TripleHelix introduced me to Webroot and how where something like Norton needed a DVD, Webroot would fit on an old Floppy Disc with 1.4MB of memory and that is not so very long ago either.

Congratulations Webroot.

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It’s been like this since the beginning of Webroot SecureAnywhere when Beta Testing since early 2011 for the first version of WSA for 2012 thanks to @JoeJ 

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Awesome. Once again fast and faster.  Congrats. 

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Installation size is a big draw. Congrats!

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Great news. Passmark is always one I have valued as its not just a bought award. (You know what I mean)

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So lightweight and effective. We had so many issues with malware before we switched to Webroot. One of the best decisions our company made!