Webroot takes top overall score in recent PassMark® Software testing of endpoint security products

  • 13 July 2021
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Webroot takes top overall score in recent PassMark® Software testing of endpoint security products
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Webroot once again outperformed competitors in its latest round of testing by the performance benchmarking firm PassMark for March – May, 2021. In taking the highest score in the category, Webroot beat out competitors including BitDefender™, McAfee® and ESET® endpoint security solutions.

PassMark® Software Party, Ltd. specializes in "the development of high quality performance benchmarking solutions as well as providing expert independent IT consultancy services to clients ranging from government organizations to major IT heavyweights."

For this report, the company conducted objective testing of nine endpoint security products, including Webroot® Business Endpoint Security. Tests measured efficacy and performance in 15 categories including:

  • Installation size
  • Boot time
  • CPU usage during idle and scan
  • Memory usage during idle and initial scan
  • Memory usage during scheduled scan

Webroot stood out in several categories in addition to taking the overall best score awarded any endpoint security products. Some categories were not just won, but won handily.

In installation time, for instance, Webroot completed installation in just over four seconds, while the next fastest installation time was more than 17 seconds and the average for the category was over 162 seconds. When managing security for a large number of endpoints, these time savings are likely to add up.

Installation size was a similar category. It’s an important metric because, according to PassMark, “In offering new features and functionality to users, security software products tend to increase in size with each new release.” This can adversely affect device performance, causing slowdowns and hits to productivity.

Due to the way Webroot shifts much of the “heavy lifting” of endpoint security to the cloud, installation size is another performance benchmark where Webroot comfortably bests competitors. This helps the Webroot Business Endpoint Protection to go largely unnoticed by users as it works to protect their machines.

Webroot also took the top spot in the categories of CPU use during idle, memory usage during system idle, memory usage during initial scan, memory usage during scheduled scan, scheduled scan time and file compression and decompression.

Interested in reading the full report? You can download a copy here



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This is my favorite testing that we do and we always destroy the competition. Anyone that says security software causes your computer to slow down and isn’t work it - show them this!