An active process has a possible handle leak (explorer.exe) how to fix it

  • 20 May 2016
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How ould I go about fixing explorer.exe.  What is a handle leak?  Thanks for any information about explorer. exe.

1 reply

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Hi RedRobin1
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In term so what exactly a handle is and what a leak relates to please see this article that should explain all.
I really would not really be too concerned over that information just yet.  You need to do a bit more troubleshooting before you become concerned.  There is a good post on Microsoft Technet's site (HERE) that addresses handles, what is normal and not, as a general rule.  I would have a read through that and see if that corresponds to what your are seeing on your system.
If it is reunning the System Analyzer that has reported this then I would not worry too much as it is just a 'baseline' analyser, and what it is feporting may be a temprorary state of affairs due to an unruly application that misuses available memory.  So until you verify the issue I would certainly take the WSA report of handle leaks with a pinch of salt.
If your system is running normally/to your liking then I would do nothing further but if you need additional assistance please come back with whatever additional information you can glean as a result of the linked articles and we will see if we can assist further.
Regards, Baldrick