An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

  • 25 January 2012
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If your computer is connected to the internet, you have probably noticed Windows Update notifications in your system tray.  While you may understand the necessity of Windows Updates, many people are unaware that Adobe and Java updates are just as important for your computer's function and security.

In a recent post to the Webroot Threat Blog, our Internet Security Experts recommended downloading Windows, Adobe, and Java updates as soon as they are available.  Malware writers are always looking for easy ways to get around your computer’s security.  According to a study by CSIS Security Group, 99.8 % of all virus/malware infections can be attributed to un-patched Adobe, Java, QuickTime, Internet Explorer and Windows updates.  They exploit common 3rd-party plugins, including those mentioned above, because most computer users have them, but don’t update them regularly enough.  As such, you can think of these updates as extra security, plugging up holes that might be used maliciously.

The next time you see the Java coffee cup icon or the Adobe "A" pop up in your system tray, please take a few moments to download the update.  You could prevent hours of frustration later.

2 replies

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Great tip! Thanks for sharing!  (I'm guilty of ignoring those pop-ups from time to time...never again!)
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As an alert Community member has pointed out, a rare kind of fileless virus is attacking in some regions and taking advantage of an old Java exploit that was patched in October of 2011.
If you are unsure of your Java version, go to this official Java page to check your version of Java and update it if needed.  The page provides all the direction you need to check and update if necessary.