Apple planning to battle Pandora too?

  • 8 September 2012
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Hey All! Happy Friday!
The Community has stayed fairly low-key today so I thought I'd liven it with some news from everybody's favorite Cupertino company! Yes, this means another Apple story.
In their quest to try to dominate seemingly every inch of the tech industry, the latest reports suggest Apple is now talking with music labels as they decide whether or not to introduce a new service that will stream music based on your tastes. This Pandora-esque move, although still in it's infancy, is already having it's effects, mainly in the form of Pandora shares falling 17% after the reports came out.
Apple already dominates the music market with iTunes so a radio service that will give users a more custom music experience should be a great way to add that extra dimension to the iTunes experience that's currently missing. More songs (especially international ones) would be good too!
The full story can be found here. What can this do for Apple? What does it mean for Pandora? I'd love to hear you opinions.
Have a great weekend!

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