Cyber News Rundown: September 2020

  • 1 October 2020
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Cyber News Rundown: September 2020
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American Payroll Association Announces Data Breach

Officials for the American Payroll Association (APA) have recently revealed a data breach that could stem all the way back to some unauthorized activity at the end of May. The breach could affect upwards of 20,000 members of the association who have entered information into both the login system and the payment card check-out page, as both were infected with data skimmers for at least 2 months prior to being discovered. Following this discovery, the APA has reached out to all affected clients to both reset their compromised passwords, but to also offer credit monitoring services.

Staffing Firm Suffers Second Ransomware Attack in 2020

It has recently been revealed that Artech Information Systems, a global IT staffing firm has fallen victim to their second ransomware attack of the year. Following the January attack by the REvil ransomware group, which released a small portion of company data after not receiving the ransom payment, Artech has been infiltrated by the MAZE group, likely using a prior backdoor to the systems. Secondary ransomware attacks typically stem from improper resolution of the initial attack, leaving the system an easy target for another group.

600,000 Customers Exposed in Town Sports Breach

A database containing highly sensitive information on over 600,000 customers and employees for Town Sports International was found publicly exposed. Town Sports recently filed for bankruptcy and was notified of this breach roughly a week later. While nobody from the company responded to the findings, the information that was secured the following day included everything from physical addresses to payment card info and other billing data. Past clients of the fitness chain should be wary of any emails they receive regarding their Town Sports memberships.

Global Operation Takes Down Major Dark Web Drug Network

In a major collaboration of Europol and other global intelligence organizations, 179 individuals have been arrested across 6 different countries in relation to drug trafficking through Dark Web markets. Officials have also revealed that this bust allowed them to seize $6.5million in cash and hundreds of kilograms of a variety of illicit drugs. This operation has brought to light the beginning of the end for anonymous marketplaces that allowed for the buying and selling of illegal goods and services, as law enforcement has made significant headway into the world of cybercrime.

Ryuk Shuts Down Universal Health Services

Following an attack by the Ryuk ransomware group every computer system for all 400 of Universal Health Services’ facilities around the globe. Ryuk is known for targeting large organizations, but healthcare is a rather new industry that has been gaining popularity due to the high volume of sensitive information coupled with a typically low level of security. It has yet to be confirmed if the healthcare firm has paid the ransom for the encrypted data, or if they have resolved to restoring their systems from any available backups.


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