Fact or Myth? "I can still get infected, even if I don't download files."

  • 7 February 2012
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Back in simpler times, you had to keep a close watch on .exe files. Now, malware infections can occur through “drive-by” downloads. The malicious code lurks on seemingly innocent content, which then executes automatically via vulnerabilities in your browser without your knowledge. In other words, you never know what hit you.
Cybercriminals are even using advanced distribution platforms to deliver their drive-by exploits. Webroot Threat Researcher, Dancho Danchev, recently gave us a glimpse into one of these platforms, a Java-based platform called AnonJDB, which you can read about here.
Research also suggests that Internet-connected devices, such as Android smartphones and tablets, are also vulnerable to these attacks. (You can learn about Webroot mobile solutions for Android here and iPhones & iPads here if you're not already protected.)

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