Installing Webroot on Windows 10 Laptop w/ Snapdragon 850 ARM CPU

  • 12 September 2019
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I tried to install Webroot Secure Anywhere on a laptop and was unable to due to the CPU being a Snapdragon 850 with 64-bit ARM architecture.

I want to avoid emulators like the plague. Is there a version of WSA available now or being developed that will run native on this super-power efficient but less compatible CPU architecture?

I worry that people will take the cheap-out approach and flock to Snapdragon laptops vs stay with the proven Intel & AMD chipsets.

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1 reply


I am definitely interested in this as well. I have a client that wants to buy 80 Surface Pro X’s to upgrade from their Surface Pro (5th gen) devices because this is the first surface since to have LTE. They are very close to signing, just waiting on our input and to find out that Webroot can’t be installed might be a deal breaker.