Interesting article on what it takes to avoid being tracked by marketing companies

  • 2 May 2014
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One woman's struggle to avoid being identified as pregnant while using the Internet and making online purchases:

2 replies

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Hey Nic ...Good article and privacy is more important to me then free stuff if you know whatt I mean. Can't trust giving out informations for anything anymore especially with advertisements for free coupons or free trials and after reading this article it's a broad awaking to how to not be tracked online. Seriously I didn't realize the negatives of filling out firms or buying items from Facebook or Amazon or others. Always being tracked .....:( can't even buy vitamins or shop...connivence or privacy...tough call ya think?
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Definitely a good article. Kudos Nic!
 I won't be doing a 9 month study, but I do notice the pattern of how different ads will appear both before and after I nuke the history and cookies on various browsers.  The amount of data that is being culled is astounding... and scary!
Funny thing is, a lot of those ads are for WSA 😉