Is MacOS Ventura Slow? 13+ Tips to Speed Up Performance

  • 14 November 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz


Some Mac users feel that macOS Ventura is much slower than macOS Monterey or Big Sur, offering worse performance in general, and when performing the same tasks on their Mac.

It’s not unusual for users to feel that their computer is slower after a major MacOS update, and Ventura is no exception. If you feel like your Mac is notably slower or more sluggish, perhaps with slow app performance, more beach balling, or other unusually slow behavior when trying to use your computer, read on.


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3 replies

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Good collection of tips there. I haven’t experienced any issues yet but then it is early on!

Thanks for sharing 


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This is a great list of tips, thank you for posting this article, but I have comments on two:

The best way to resolve slow performance after a major system software update like macOS Ventura is to leave the Mac plugged in (if it’s a laptop) and powered on, and let it sit idle while you go on with life away from the computer. This allows the Mac to perform routine maintenance, indexing, and other tasks, and performance will return to normal when this completes.

This is not fully accurate. The routine maintenance scripts run late at night, so you need to leave it plugged in and let it run over night. And if I recall, some only run on certain nights of the week, once a week, so you might have to do this for a week or longer.

It will do indexing and email work at other times though, so partially accurate. Indexing for search does take time and uses a lot of resources. So let it run a long time to index once and things should get better.

Macs with 8GB RAM or less and slower spinning hard drives may feel more sluggish, particularly when using a lot of apps at once.

If you can update the hard drive on your old machine, putting in a SSD in place of a spinning disk will make your machine feel like new again. It is amazing how quick it makes older machines run. And updating RAM is the second thing you should consider, IF you machine allows it. 

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All good points here. Certainly @MajorHavoc comments on leaving the mac for a bit after an upgrade is important. I always upgrade over night and leave the mac on so it has all night and morning to do its magic. Makes a difference. The amount of people that upgrade just before their working day and then expect to crack on immediately with work to find that things don’t work for a bit.