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IMHO and from what I have read it is no longer the product that it used to be...since it was sold to new owners.
Anyway, this is not the place for a detailed discussion on the merits or demerits of an NON WEBROOT product, as per our Community Guidelines.
And in fact, on that point, this thread should not have been started in the WSAC forum so I am moving it to the Techie Forum.
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I would like to know what Vipre software is and how effective is it in finding malware in registry files?  Is it better than Webroot?
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Vipre is a Antivirus that has been morphed several times over the years into a fairly light but low powered antivirus. As for registry files, the main focus of any Antivirus is to prevent damage to files and registry from bugs and not the actual cleaning of the bugs. With that said, Vipre does a fair job at doing this. Although with the cloud always being up-to-date on Webroot it is clear that Webroot is superior.
There is another factor that you must consider though, and that is overall system hit while it accomplishes this task. This is where Webroot excels. Vipre is one of the smaller resident Antivirus on the market but it still requires constant updates and at times can feel heavy to the user. Webroot on the other hand is super small, super light and you NEVER have to worry about updates again since they are all done in the cloud.
I would also like to add that Vipre's support is minimal at best. Having used the product for over a year I was never pleased with the support offered or the actual results of said support. Webroot on the other hand has superb support. This company goes over and above for each registered user to obtain the best results possible. There are very few company's that will personally connect to a users computer and assist on a system problem. Webroot does this daily for those that need help.
Lastly I would like you to consider costs. Webroot Complete for 5 devices is $60 and Vipre Internet Security for 1 device is $30. As you can see the pure value of having several computers/Laptops/IPads/Phones pays for itself in no time flat.
I hope I have helped in your decision making.
I can tell you VIPRE is EXCELLENT! I have it and right now I'm tired of paying over and over again for WSA COMPLETE. I have spent TOO much already...but, they don't know YOU!!! I got a patch update for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I USE WINDOWS 7..
Buy it ONCE. Its a lifetime product, and it's GOOD. I used it for years.
Vipre Internet Security is the product you are thinking about...not just an antivirus. That would never do the Registry.
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I think that we get the enough said about VIPRE...please.  This is a Webroot Forum.
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Hello Everyone:
VIPRE was asked about here; so I'll tell you since I've used it.  It IS good.  Heaver on the system resources than WEBROOT.  It does slow down your computer; but, I think it did a very good job during the time I had it running.  WEBROOTSA Internet Complete, gives you many more options to screen your programs, protect them...and many more options for daily use.  I have no doubt, the lure is the "buy it once" and never buy it again.  That is not enough for me to have complete control over everything and the options to make changes, are unsatisfactory for my taste.  Its GOOD....but, there are too many glitches, especially after using WEBROOT for as long as I have.  Stick with what works!!!
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Hi td777
Please take note of the post immediately before yours, by Daniel.TreipleHelix, and please understand that this is the Webroot Forums and we do not discuss competing security products, even if it is to eventually end up advising that WSA is better than the competting product. ;)
Thanks, Baldrick