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  • 16 October 2018
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Hi, I've been playing around with the new dnsp functions of the api.
When I do a get request to the following path: get a the following error in postman:
{ "statusCode": 400, "requestId": "9c9e9171-2586-4a1e-979a-8b24f1470fc3", "error": "site_not_found", "error_description": "Site not found in GSM console.", "AdditionalInformation": {}}
The rest of the dnsp queries work afaik (also with that gsm key), but I will check again tomorrow. I thought I'd post here, because it may be a known bug.

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Hi @,
This response means that there is no DNS traffic summary information to report on. Has DNS Protection been successfully deployed and used in your environment? If you need any help with this, or if you have deployed DNS and this response is incorrect, please contact our support team by opening a ticket here.
Thank you,
Joseph R.
That's true, my admins had misinformed me about what sites being enabled.
I was wondering if there'll be an api feature like the "Top active hosts" feature from the portal.
That is what I need. To be able to see what user checked out what sites.
I can use the traffic by category, but I'm wondering when it will be available to use all traffic?
I had contact with one of your colleagues yesterday and it seems that this feature will not be implemented until somewhere in 2019.
So my question is answered, thanks.