Ability to view windows username and/or computer name?

  • 12 February 2014
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Hi all,
Is there a way to view a user's windows login ID or their computer name of an endpoint through Webroot console?  I have multiple endpoints that have been cloned which I cannot identify by just the hostname.  Also is there a way to permanently rename the hostname of the endpoint once I get the correct ID?  Otherwise, my console is just going to stay a mess of all these cloned hostnames and I'll have to bust out Excel just to keep track.

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3 replies

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There sure is - if you click on the dropdown next to the Hostname column, and then move the cursor to Columns, it will allow you to add the Current User which will show you who is logged in.  If you double-click on the Hostname field it will allow you to edit it to be something more descriptive.  Does that give you what you need?
Yes it does! Thanks for the prompt answer, my issue is solved. 😃
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You're very welcome!