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  • 21 February 2014
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Hi Guys
One of our customers asked why on some endpoints particular www is blocked and at others nedpoints this www is allow for connection?
How can I explain this situation to him?
Endpoints are in the same policy.

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9 replies

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What's the URL being blocked?  Do you have any other web content filtering in conjunction with Webroot?
Userlevel 4  and no other web filters installed.
Please check and add to the white list please.
This is www from one of our customer.
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I'm seeing that as ok in our system, so it is strange that it is blocking it.  I'll open a support ticket and have support follow up with you.
also is showing up as a hazard and being blocked
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@ wrote:
also is showing up as a hazard and being blocked
I'm getting the same behavior.  I sent a message to our threat researchers to get that fixed.
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Ok they've been able to reproduce the issue and are working on a fix.  In the meantime, if you log in, after it closes the page, you should be able to go back to and be ok.
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Also, the issue apparently only happens with Chrome, so you can try using IE or Firefox instead.
I'm having the same issue with one of my users with
We don't have any policies restricting access to FB, but the page is automatically closed with a warning about malicious content. The user in question is in the same policy as the rest of his department, who visit FB without issue. 
I have cleared the cache (everything except page history).
Browser: Chrome (up-to-date)
OS: Win7Pro 64-bit.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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Go ahead and contact support on that one so they can look into it further.