Can Webroot replaced Symantec Anti Virus PLUS Malwarebytes?

  • 13 April 2016
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We are using Symantec Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes in our computer. we have about 300 computers and servers total.
At first we only have Symantec.  Then we got hit by Ransomware so we got Malwarebytes which proven really effective with eliminating malwares.
Malwarebytes support told us to keep Symantec as Symantec can clean infected files while malwarebytes will delete the infected files.
Can anyone tell me if Webroot has features that Symantec and malwarebytes both offer?

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2 replies

That is a great question!  In my opinion, yes, Webroot is an excellent alternative to the big "S".  
Webroot offers real-time, cloud based protection, as well a built-in Firewall.  We use the SecureAnywhere version of WR and have found it to be highly effective, in reducing the overall amount of infections that we have seen in the past, with other products.  Thus far, we have been very pleased with the product.  There are a few tweaks I feel could be made, however that's more on the informational/reporting side of things and does not affect the overall functionality of the product.  
My advise would be to give it a test run / trial and see what you think.  I would also like to note with Webroot, there is significantly less overhead and a smaller resource footprint, than other products.  I do not work for WR, however after using their product for nearly a year (and having used many, many other products), I can honestly say I am happy with Webroot.  
MalwareBytes is still a great product as well and I would recommend both.  We use the free version of MB however, which must be updated and ran manually, as needed.  Webroot however, offers the same, if not better and more functionality, than the alternative you mentioned.    
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I would be advised NOT to use Malwarebytes Free in a business environment as it goes against the EULA and can result in you being fined should you be audited