Creating Policy Based on Firewall IP

  • 18 May 2016
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Hi there,

We are running a Default Policy named as "XYZ Default" nationally. Since our branches are expanding. We would like to setup Email Alerts to different support staff who are managing IT at different branches based on Firewall IP.

For example: The branch in Ottawa is been taken care by a support team "IT Department". So we need to send E-mail Alerts when a Threat is Detected to, .I was trying to set an alert if a Firewall IP matches from the Ottawa Location, the support staff in Ottawa only should be receiving e-mail alerts, but i don't see an option to create policy based on IP Address. It would be great if you can assist us in setting up Policies based on Firewall Ip and alerts being directed to the appropriate Locations.
To summarize the above thing:
1. Creation of Policy based on Firewall Ip
2. Each Firewall Ip is destined to a different Location
How to send a test alert to see if the email notification are successfully delivered to the

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