duplicated agents/hostnames that increases the licenses used?

  • 25 September 2019
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Is there anyone that has problems with duplicated hostnames/agents in your customer sites?

I have to frequently check all my sites for agents that has been duplicated and therefore breaks the licensing seats.

it should be fixed because this is a problem but for now i can manage if i could get a better view of sites that has to many licenses issued.

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6 replies

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Every time Windows 10 comes out with a feature update the number of endpoints doubles and you wind you with a pair of identically names endpoints. Webroot is aware of the issue. They just can’t do anything about it. I am surprised you haven’t gotten a million replies. The community must not be used much. 

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@JonnyArowell ,

Ziggy is correct - this is a known issue that has been notoriously difficult to fix from our side. This article describes the issue and all known workarounds:


Hope that helps,


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Hello All,

This is the first reply and has been in the Community for over 3 months. Thanks for taking time and explaining this issue…as Webroot themself has not.


I have been over Webroot for over 2 years with this problem and no one of first-line, second-line or any other else has showed me the link above or has been helpfull with a solution.


It has only been cloudy explinations of what is the cause….


I really think these “workarounds” that means that administrators of the Webroot Portal should be counting licenses, comparing with real machines, over time AND if there is a problem with overusing license WE should ask for a refund!

This is soo rude and i cant see any will och the technicians to fix this problem.


I mean...How hard can it be to fix this…

They are the developers! Computers has been upgrading sinces dawn of time.

If it can’t be fixed on agent level...why not adress the issue in the portal side and do some checking before adding a new agent that will create a duplicate.


At least give the administrator a view or tool for finding and handling the duplicates.


For partners with 1000 of licenses spread over serveral customers and Sites this will be a tedious process….and has to be done EVERY month  do match a invoice.


Thanks for getting back!


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I 100% agree with you Johnny. First and unfortunately the Endpoint Protection forum here doesn’t seem to be too active. 


Secondly and unfortunately Webroot doesn’t seem to fix things. This “breeding endpoint” issue has been there since the first feature update to Windows 10 which was what? Two years ago? I have several, several issues going back well over a year. Webroot just doesn’t seem to fix things.

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Yep, we have this problem as well. This should be a no brainer fix - at the very least just match up MAC addresses before creating a new endpoint. Done.   This is a huge frustration point, spending a lot of time manually deactivating agents. time to find a new endpoint protection solution? :-(

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I did. A week ago I uninstalled Webroot from all 300 of my endpoints. Best move I ever made.