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  • 11 July 2019
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A customer has requested Webroot access in order to view the devices for their site. We have created access, and they can only see the devices for their site but they can see all the global policies for our other customers.
How do we restrict which policies they can see?

Below are detail description of issue.

-Partner has given "site only access" to one of the test user "XXXX" but user is able to see global policies of the other sites too.
-Checked and found "Include global policy" is checked while creating Webroot site.
-Please confirm is there any functionality by using which we can give access to the user for an only particular site and restrict global policies of the other sites.

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Vishu - this is expected behavior. Sites get global policies, but they can't change them or modify them. They can only see the policy name and settings, but do nothing.

My recommendation to customers is to use generic or general names for global policies. If you have other customer specific policies at the global level, you may want to consider just having customer policies at the site level only and keep general ones globally.

There will not be any changes on this at this time as the entire GUI will be changing later this year, so this visibility is as it is until then.