Where are application and website exceptions managed?

  • 28 June 2012
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I see the options area on teh client, but am unable to makde modifications there... so there must be a way to do the same from within the Policy editor, right?
On the endpoint client:
Client > Settings > Wen Threat Shield > View Websites

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You can set your policy to unmanaged to make changes on the client itself, but there are other ways to manage these sttings from the management console.

Use Overrides to whitelist any files that have been incorrectly determined as a threat.
Use the Identity Shield optoins found under Agent Commands to manage allowed, denied, or protected applications.
As for managing blocked websites, there is currently not a feature in the console that will allow this, but it is in the works. I would expect it in one of the next console build updates.
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Is this still the current status? : "As for managing blocked websites, there is currently not a feature in the console that will allow this, but it is in the works. I would expect it in one of the next console build updates."
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Yes, unfortunately that feature has not made it into the console yet. Although this is on the to-do list, I don't see an idea for it in Feature Requests yet, and that always helps to move things along a bit when we can start to gauge customer demand. If you'd like to put in a request, we can address it with our product managers.
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https:///t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/8748, Welcome to the community! I have stolen your kudos and fame and posted your request to the ideas board 
I don't agree with the suggestion above of setting the policy to unmanaged. I have found that you can setup an overide by doing the following within the web portal...
Policies -> Double Click you Policy -> Select Web Threat Shield -> Turn off "Supress the user's ability to make local Web Threat Shield..." -> Save Changes -> Promote Draft Changes to Live
By making the change above the users will be able to click allow on a blocked webpage. They will be prompted to enter a code to verify they are human, they the site will be allowed going forward.
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