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  • 13 February 2013
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I log into the web portal every morning to take a look at things and see how everything is going. Make sure when new agent versions roll out that all my endpoints update to that version properly. This morning when I logged in I saw that one of my endpoints had updated to Agent Version None of my other endpoints where updated to this new agent version. Now I understand that there are other factors that are involved and that they won't all update instantly, but I was trying to find release notes for this new Agent Version and I have alas come up unsuccessful.
Anyone have any idea when these release notes will become available? Has anyone else had their endpoints updated to this new Agent Version?

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6 replies

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I would also like to see release notes posted as soon as the versions are available for updating.  I also would like information on when to expect workstations to be updated.  Yesterday, 103 was released and still none of my workstations have been updated to 103 and only one to 105.
That's funny cause not long ago 98 came out and my machines over the past couple days have been updating to that. I didn't even know 103 had come out in the time being. And now apparently it appears that 105 has come out yesterday.
Even if the update is something as small as "fixed the spelling of pasta", a heads up would be nice.
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I have posted the release notes here. 😃
Thank you Mike. Greatly appreciated
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Do you have an answer on the expected time frame when the update should be applied?  What is the trigger for the update?
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Richard, 103 was released only to Beta users, which is why there were no release notes officially posted for that build.

Not everyone receives the update all at once in order to prevent server strain.  For that reason, the endpoints will not all update simultaneously.

However, to force an update, use the "Download and Execute a File" agent command.  Use the following URL:
You could also run that file locally instead, if that is preferable.