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  • 25 September 2022
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using Mac version 12.6. Webroot does not show the last scared date.  When I close close Webroot

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4 replies

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Has Webroot scanned at all do you know?

I would forcefully run a scan, let it finish and see if it shows you a last scan date/time stamp



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I would do as @AsadP suggests and also reach out to support. Get a screen clip of your scan status and provide that to support as well



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I believe that this is a bug actually. My Webroot scans all the time, but when it starts a new scan, the Last scan and Last scan duration fields go blank. Here is a clip: 


Note that it says my computer is clean, which implies that a scan has completed. But the next scan started and the two fields have gone blank. And I checked in both Dark and Light mode, and there is no text there, 

It would also be nice to see how many scans it has made as well. That is always blank. 

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Oh, and while you are searching for that bug, this issue is STILL a bug you have not fixed, basically starting multiple scans, that is killing my battery life. This is really annoying, I have submitted this several times as a ticket, and nothing has been addressed.