Disabling Spy Sweeper's Tracking Cookies feature ??

  • 26 July 2015
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 Disabling Spy Sweeper's Tracking Cookies feature. How can i do that ??

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Hi desis111
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Quick question...are you running Webroot SecureAnyWhere or Spy Sweeper?  On the assumption it is the latter rather than the former, I would have to say, from memory (which could be very, very, very rusty indeed), you should try:
1. Click the "Options" button.
2. Click the "Sweep" tab & select the "Custom Sweep" button.
3. Click the "Change Settings" link next to "Custom Sweep Settings" in the "Sweep Settings Summary" section. The "Custom Sweep" box launches with various sections.
4. Click the "What to Sweep" button, and look to see if there is a "Sweep for Cookies" check box.  If so then remove the check mark next to it.
5. Click "OK" to save your changes.
If there is no "Sweep for Cookies" check box then I am afraid my memory is faulty and I cannot help.
And by the way, if the answer to my question was 'Webroot SecureAnyWhere' then the answer is that there is no fucntion in that version re. removal of tracking cookies.  If you are running WSA and the Complete version then there is an option to clear out Flash cookies which can be switched on or off.
Hope that something above helps?
Regards, Baldrick