Legacy Webroot alongside WSA?

  • 20 August 2012
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Is it possible to upgrade to WSA on the same licence as webroot 2011 but not remove webroot 2011? It would be great to know as I like the features of both.

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8 replies

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Hey fanta,
Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting..That's a good question.
You cannot have both the older product and SecureAnywhere installed at the same time. The installer for SecureAnywhere typically removes the older product, but if it doesn't (rare case), we have customers run a special clean up utility to remove all traces of the older product to ensure there are no conflicts between the two (which arise when they are both installed on one computer).
That being said, is there any particular feature you like in the older product that you think is missing in WSA? We strongly encourage all of our customers to upgrade to SecureAnywhere (if they haven't yet) as it is a superior product both from an efficiency and protection standpoint. I wrote an article that explains the differences between the two. You can find it here.
Hope that helps. I'd be happy to try to answer any other questions you may have. :D Let me know!
Thank you very much for your response, it was helpful, but I have concerns about the cloud features in WSA. Not that I distrust this, just that I feel more secure with Webroot 2011 as it has an offline virus database. I do run WSA and Webroot 2011 on one computer due to a bug when upgrading that I dont know the reason for. I understand that it is reccommended to remove the old version, but I have seen no signs that this is a problem yet.
I would also like to ask, why Webroot 2011 and WSA have a problem running together, as you have stated that WSA is compatible with any antivirus?
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Hi fanta,
Regarding your cloud concerns, my colleague Mike https:///t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Antivirus/Technical-question-How-WB-scans-whole-PC/m-p/6180/highlight/true#M196 a great explanation about how Webroot SecureAnywhere still protects your computer when offline. I think you'll find the post very useful.
To your second question, while SecureAnywhere is in fact compatible with pretty much any other antivirus program, it cannot run in conjunction with our own older product(s) for a couple of reasons. First of all, the SecureAnywhere installer has parts of the removal tool built in (that remove the older product upon installation) so if it happens not to fully remove the older product, it will always remove parts, making it lose functionality. Again, this is out of the norm, so we always give customers the link/instructions to run the removal tool if remnants of the older product happen to remain. The second (and main) reason why the two programs can't run together is because they share installation registry keys and because of this, Windows won't let them coexist. So hypothetically, if you were to try to install the older product after SecureAnywhere was already on your computer, the download would fail because the install key is the same and your computer would "think" that the older product was already installed.
*By the way, the instructions and link for the removal tool can be found in this https:///t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Antivirus/Two-versions-of-Webroot-installed-at-once/ta-p/6914
Hope that clears things up. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Thanks a lot for your help. I will remove the old Webroot from the computer as I am confortable that WSA can protect me sufficiently even when offline. Hopefully this will help a problem I have had with Firefox, but that could have a number of other causes. If you know about Firefox and Webroot having issues or have seen/made a post about it, I would be grateful for you to tell me.
Thanks again
Fanta 🙂
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Hey fanta,
Glad that I was able to help and get your confidence up about SecureAnywhere! 😃 Hopefully the legacy removal went smoothly for you. Regarding Firefox and Webroot, there shouldn't be any conflicts, but I have heard of a few cases where there were some issues with an older version of Firefox. To my knowledge, this was resolved a few builds back. What exactly is the issue you've been having? Do you know what version of Firefox you have on your computer? Did the removal of the older Webroot product resolve the issue?
Let me know. Thanks!
I am using the latest version of Firefox (14.0.1 at this time). The removal proceeded correctly and Webroot 2011 is no longer on the computer. After removal of Webroot 2011 Firefox seemed to work much better, from what I have seen the preveous problems of flash player crashing or failing to load have been resolved, however it has only been a few hours.
Thanks so much for your help and have a great day
Fanta 🙂
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Hi fanta,
I'm happy to hear everything is working fine now. If you have any other questions, ideas, etc, please feel free to post away here on the Community! Someone will always chime in and help you out. Have a great day too!
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Just to mention, Flash Player problems with Firefox were a known bug with Flash Player that Adobe fixedwith the Flash Player release that went out just a few days ago.