Webroot SecureAnywhere, which version?

  • 1 March 2012
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I noticed in the forums that there are three version of Webroot Secure Anywhere:
  • Essentals
  • Antivirus
  • Complete
But when I go into the program, I can't tell which version I am running.  Is there any particular place in the program where I can find this information out?

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Hi Leeand00,
A good way to check to see what version of SecureAnywhere you have installed is to open the program to the overview tab.
Here at the top it will display
Webroot SecureAnywhere  (if this is displayed, the current subscription is Antivirus)
Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete
You may also locate the SecureAnywhere Icon in your system tray and hover your mouse above it.  The current subscription and version installed will be displayed.
If you have any questions, let us know!
Josh C
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Just to add what Josh has said this page will show you the Complete version! and so forth Essentials.
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Hi JoshC - I have the exact same question.
Spysweeper did an update. Hovering my mouse over my CURRENT icon in my system tray, it says:
"Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper".
I specifically remember when Spy Sweeper updated, it said  "SecureAnywhere Complete".
Last night Webroot wanted to "Clean my PC". I canceled the operation because I had not seen that option before. When I open my Webroot application, I can not find anywhere an option for "Clean my PC". My Webroot program, which ever version I have, still looks like my former Spy Sweeper program, except now it says "Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware" across the top.
I also looked on Webroots website to compare products. There IS a "Clean my PC" option for "SecureAnywhere Complete 2012" (a $79 product), but it shows it is not available for "SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2012" (a $39 product... same as the old Spy Sweeper). Consequently, I'm also baffled as to which product I have. If I have the AntiVirus edition (as my tray icon says), why did Webroot want to run something called "Clean my PC" ?  The "Clean my PC" screen had the tell-tail Webroot logo.
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Based on your description, you have the 2011 or earlier version installed, rather than SecureAnywhere.  Or possibly both (which is generally not-good, mind you).
You will want to make use of the old version's removal utility  to ensure the old version is completely removed.  Make sure you have recorded your key code prior to doing so.  If you do not see a green circle with a "w" in the system tray, you can then install the newer version.
If all else fails, give ourr customer support crew a buzz and you'll be able to find out what is going on.  Capabilities are defined by the key code, so we can check that for you and also geet you on the correct path to having everything properly installed.
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Thanks Kit - Before I get into your reply, a few hours after I posted my question, Spy Sweeper wanted to do another update. Spy Sweeper downloaded a file named  wsainstall.exe  to my PC. I ran this executable. "Webroot SecureAnywhere" now appears in my Start menu, however, it is not in my system tray.
Now, on to your reply. Yes, it appears as if (after the update I mentioned about above) I now have both Spy Sweeper AND SecureAnywhere (no version name, such as Complete or AntiVirus is appended to SecureAnywhere phrase). Several days ago I had Spy Sweeper check my definitions and to see if an update was available. It then went out to the Webroot site said a new version was available, and to click "here" to download it now. I must ask, if Spy Sweeper downloaded the new update, which I'm sure was SecureAnywhere, why didn't that update remove the old version of Spy Sweeper? I'm hesitant to remove the old Spy Sweeper until after I write down all the Spy Sweeper settings, in case I need some of them in the new SecureAnywhere.
As for the old key code... oh yes, I have it saved. The minute I see a key-code, I write it down and file it away. The first time you ever have a problem and need the key-code, but don't have it, you always remember to write it down in the future, even if the software says it will remember it.
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No version name appended means that SecureAnywhere is "Antivirus", since it will append Essentials or Complete, but not Antivirus, which is the base.
The update does attempt to remove the old version of SpySweeper, however some things can prevent this. 
The removal takes about 5-20 minutes on most systems, but runs in the background.  If the system is shut down while the removal is working, the SpySweeper version will not be removed.  This is the most common cause of the issue.
Other security software occasionally sees the background removal utility as an "attack" on SpySweeper and blocks it.
Anyway, no SpySweeper settings persist through to SecureAnywhere or are needed by it once SecureAnywhere has its correct license key.
I recommend that you attempt to remove SpySweeper via the Windows control panel first, and regardless of success or failure of that, run the wrupgradetool.exe utility mentioned in the prior post afterwards and before a restart.  We work to make a swap system that will work effectively and efficiently on all computers, but there are some aspects that we cannot control.  The folks designing the swap decided that thee number of cases where removal of the old version is interrupted are low enough that they prefer the removal to be silent and background, which unfortunately makes it more prone to interruption by other activity, like shutting the computer down or restarting it.