how to install Iphone and Ipad

  • 19 February 2015
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I just installed Webroot  on my  Win 7 PC .  It is supposed to also provide protection for my Iphone and Ipad.  .  How do I install this program on those devices ?

3 replies

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Hello SETD2,
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Heres an KB article that you can look at for information! I have an IPAD and I use WebrootSecure Browser which I've downloaded from the Apple Store.
Please have a look here and here
Hope this helps and if you need to ask anymore questions then please get back to us!
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Just looked at reviews for the browser, and regret that I didn't see them before I bought SecureAnywhere.  The reviews are not complimentary.  Also the KB link was not useful.  I printed the Download instructions, but they are confusing, AND my password isn't working!
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Hello SET02,
Which version of Webroot do you have? Please look here. If you have WebrootSecureAnywhere Complete then you have access to the Password Manager as explained below.
Search for SecureWeb and SecureSync to download the apps. SecureSync requires a subscription to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete in order to function.  SecureWeb will work without one, but some of the features such as password management are only available to subscribers to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.  If you have a subscription, enter your Online Account credentials into the app to activate those features.
If you just purchased  Webroot Antivirus only for your IPad and your iPhone then you can request a refund by going here .
From the Apple Store you can download WebSecure Browser for your iPad and iPhone for free.
I am sorry that you have buyers remorse.
Please call on us if you are still having problems with Webroot.
Kind Regards,