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  • 25 April 2012
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I have installed Webroot Mobile on both my iphone and ipad. Works great. However, I have a lot of saved "bookmarks" on Safari. When I installed Webroot Mobile, the bookmarks did not transfer to the new Webroot SecureWeb internet browser. Is there a way to move of save them to the Webroot SecureWeb internet browser?

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2 replies

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Hey trake8,
Welcome to the Webroot Community and thanks for posting!
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to import your bookmarks from Safari onto Webroot SecureWeb. Nonetheless, this is a great idea and I think it would be a very useful feature for any customer with an iOS device. You should definitely post this feature request in our Community Ideas Exchange so we can pass it on to the developers. Also, it'll get exposure and more people will be able to chime in to give your idea some well-deserved kudos! :D
Trake 8 is right on with this suggestion. Most of us using iOS devices have devoted time and effort to saving & organizing browser bookmarks on our devices to our most commonly visited sites. Moreover, the Safari web browser syncs bookmarks thru iCloud with Safari on our other devices, including our MAC and PC desktop and laptop computers. The Chrome web browser also syncs bookmarks across devices. A web browser which omits all of our carefully saved and organized bookmarks and cannot import bookmarks (i.e., Webroot SecureWeb) is lame and not very useful or efficient to use. Most of us, having to choose between trying to remember and type in a complete url for a site (including overcoming the spelling & typo challenges of a mobile device) or clicking a bookmark, will opt for the browser with a bookmark (e.g., Safari or Chrome) every time. Secure Web will not be truly useful nor widely adopted until Webroot finds a way to preserve or import the browser bookmarks on our mobile devices.