How can I uninstall Secure Anywhere from my phone?

  • 22 October 2012
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My phone has noticeably slowed down since I installed SA and I am now having to pull the battery at least once a day to get the phone back to responsive, how do I uninstall it?  

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2 replies

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I am sorry for your troubles.
Would you mind to open a support ticket to let Webroot techies have a look into your issue? They will be glad to help you.
However, if you want to uninstall WSA from your phone and providing that you are using an Android WSA, you have to go to Device Manager and uncheck WSA. Afterwards you can uninstall WSA from your list of applications.
EDIT: Sorry my bad, I have overlooked you have posted in Android forum.
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Hey there JackShaftoe.
You can also open the SecureAnywhere app on your phone and then tap the Android menu button. From here you can press the Uninstall button, click OK, and then confirm the uninstall by entering your password.
Please let me know if you have any other issues.