Lock screen doesn't cover menu bar

  • 15 May 2012
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Hi, just introducing myself because I need to post something of concern :)
probably the wrong thread, but .... I'm a newbie here.
What I wanted to say is: My phone got stolen in Barcelona last week, so I remotely locked it, assuming it is safe now.
I got a new phone, installed Webroot on it, and locked it to test the feature.
I'm scared now: the phone did mention it was locked, but....... I was still able to access the phone completely because
the lock screen did not cover the menu-bar.
Opened task manager...killed the lock-screen, and it was not locked at all anmore.... 3 second's worth of work.
Should I worry now, or does something need to be fixed?
Galaxy tab 7.7 running spb shell 3d on Android 3.2

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Hey JJR,

Sorry to hear about the lost phone!

I'm talking to our QA department about trying to reproduce this issue in-house. I suspect it's probably due to an interaction with the SPB Shell, but we'll have to test that out to verify on our end.  You could try testing this yourself by uninstalling the shell, seeing if the issue reproduces, and then reinstalling the shell afterwords.

Most GUI (graphical user interface) issues stem from having a weirdly shaped screen and the software not picking up properly on that. However, Galaxy tablets are pretty common, so that's probably not the case here. I'll let you know as soon as I have more information for you.

There is some good news: If your other device was either A. another device type or B: wasn't running SPB Shell (again, this is still speculation at this point), that issue probably doesn't occur on it.

It would also help to get a screenshot of this issue if possible. Are you able to grab a screenshot?

When I have more information on this issue I'll post here again. Thank you for bringing this up.
Hello jimM, I have a screenshot, however: it's not "online" anhwhere, but I will be happy to provide you with it, alas...I'm unable to "paste" it here or produce it otherwise as far as I am aware.
If you could provide me with an email-address I could mail it to, I will, so maybe you could attach it to this thread.
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Do you think you could use MediaFire for now?
I'm not sure we are getting much movement internally on getting a copy of SPB in-house.  Do you think you could try removing it temporarily to see if the issue persists when using the default home screen?  It would be very useful to know if that is in fact the source of the issue.  If so, this becomes much easier to present to development for a fix.
Hi JimM, thanks for the reply.
I have been able to replicate the issue on the standard Touchwiz shell,
I believe what makes it easy to circumvent the protection is, that this tablet offers "mini apps" which pop up over any existing
screen. One of the apps that is offered in this way is the task manager, which will superimpose itself on top op the lock screen.
it enables me to kill webroot, which in fact is not running anymore after I do so.
I believe you should be able to reach this image with your right-mouse context.
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My apologies it has taken a while to get back to you on this issue. I don't have anything to report just yet, as we are still looking at this.  I will reply again as soon as I have more information.
That's okay, just hoping I made a contribution to point out the vulnerabilities that occur with different techniques on different devices.
Wondering however how tech responded to this issue.
For the time being I turned to Samsung's own solution, (Samsung Dive) to be on the safe side, as that appears to work as intended for this device.
If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.
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We have found the issue and will sort this out for our next release. Using Device Admin privileges for the lock screen solves this issue.
Thanks for reporting this.