Mobile Security Features for Android

  • 5 February 2014
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I'm looking for software for a couple of mobile phones as the existing software isn't doing the job it promises.
I need mobile phone security to be able to show the location of the device on a map either via software or web browser, to be able to send alert messages to the device when it is stolen and most importantly cannot be wiped from the phone if the thief performs a factory reset.
From what I can see on the Webroot features, it can offer the mapping and remote messaging, but I cannot find anything about factory resetting. Can Webroot integrate into a custom ROM that will survive a factory reset/custom boot?
Thanks, Helen

1 reply

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Hi holybrooks
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
My only experience of custom ROMs dates back to Windows CE & Mobile (and that does take me back, oh my) and whilst not knowing what OS you are referring to re. a custmer ROM, I would say 'No'/that you would not want to mess with WSA in that way.
But perhaps there is a more knowledgable techie out there who can comment more authoratively re. this question?