Webroot no longer blocking text and MMS messages from numbers on block list since last update

  • 1 June 2012
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I have an unrooted Motorola Droid phone with Android 2.2.3 on it.  I have had Webroot Security & Antivirus installed on it for approx 6 months.  I was using the call & SMS blocking feature and had multiple numbers entered to be blocked.  The app had been blocking text and MMS messages from these numbers until the last update.  After the last update the app no longer blocked text and MMS messages from the selected numbers.  I am not sure if it was blocking phone calls or not since then since I have not received any phone calls from the numbers.  I have tried reentering the numbers and reinstalling the app without any success.   Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this feature working again as this was one of the main reason I installed this product to start with?

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Hey n1kk1,
First and foremost, welcome to the Webroot Community! Glad to have you with us on the forums! :D
More than likely, the issue you are experiencing is being caused by a third party SMS management app (such as "GO SMS Pro" ) that you have installed on your mobile device. When you are using a the stock SMS system on your mobile device, the text gets picked up by Webroot and our app has no problem blocking it (This is because the Android OS allows "hooks" into certain messaging functions; if there is only the stock SMS system, Webroot is the first to perform this "hook" if you will). However, when a third party SMS app is installed, it sees the text first and even though Webroot still block the text within the Android SMS system, the third party SMS app still displays it regardless. Basically, both Webroot and the SMS app get a copy and while we delete ours, the other app still shows theirs.
To figure this out as quickly as possible, please uninstall any third party SMS app(s) you have on your device and test the SMS blocking feature to see if the issue is resolved. If you do not think you have any third party SMS app(s) installed, please Private Message me with a list of all the apps you have installed on your Motorola Droid. To PM me, click https:///t5/forums/replypage/board-id/android/message-id/
Thank you for your help.  Uninstalling handcent seemed to fix the problem.  I have had handcent on my phone almost as long as I have had my phone and when I originally installed webroot there was no issue for over 4 months.  I am guessing that either an update from handcent or webroot is what changed that.  I wish they both worked together as they used to since I like handcent better then the stock messaging app.
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Hi n1kk1,
I'm happy to hear we were able to resolve the issue and get the SMS blocking feature on your Webroot mobile app running properly. :D
You are probably correct to assume that a new update to "handcent" was responsible for the conflict. While I wish I could say there's a way to run the apps simultaneously with no conflicts, that is just not the case. Unfortunately, there are too many of these third party SMS apps for us to feasibly code around all the possible conflicts that can arise when our app is run together with each of them.
Please continue to post here on the Community and let us know if you have any more questions or issues!