FYI: Known issue with WSA and Google Hangouts

  • 3 February 2013
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I ran across messages from three different people on Twitter tweeting about Webroot SecureAnyWhere blocking Google Hangouts in Chrome from working correctly.@WebrootSupport says a solution is being worked on right now.
In the meantime, you can disable the Web Threat Shield ('PC Security' tab > Shields) and Identity Shield ('Identity and Privacy' tab) as you start the Hangout to make it work. (Based on Webroot support's replies)


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13 replies

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Thanks explanoit for the heads up.
I been experiencing this hangout but I thought it's on Google side. I wouldn't imagine WSA is the culprit. When such hangout occured I closed a browser and restarted it what in the most cases solved the issue. However today Google seems to work fine. It looks like an intermitent issue on my end. Anyway this isn't so terrible issue so I put it aside of my attention. 
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This appears to have been resolved in
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@ wrote:
This appears to have been resolved in
Yes, confirmed. No hangout on Google since then.
I'm having this same issue and my software is up to date. Can some please help me. I need to use google hangouts on a regular bais for my business. Please help me! This is not fixed for me.
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If you disable the identity shield, does the issue go away?
My Skype was not working also. I just tried it and both are working  now. Is there anyway I can turn this back on? I don't like having to run my computer with it off. There must be some kind of adjustment or software update or patch to take care of this. This is crazy to have to shut this off just to get my webcam to work.
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That's interesting.  We thought that was fixed.  Could you please open a support case?
This kind of case may be more conducive to collecting logs or having a remote session to explore what's happening on your device.
Just opened a support ticket for this under the same name as this thread for reference and mentioned you asked me to open the ticket.
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Thanks knightlyguy! Please let us know the outcome of the investigation. Tech support will get to the bottom of this for you. 🙂
So far I put in a support ticket on this an have not heard anything back at all. NO RESPONSE. Support with this company really sucks.
I tired to get another issue resolved several months ago and was told I would get a response back and never herad back from anyone. I'm so sick of nothing ever being done and no one ever caring to get back me.
I have had it with this company and this software and I'm going to un-install this and get something better!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Whoa there knightlyguy! I just looked up the case, and the only message in there is "JimM in the forum asked me to open a support ticket on this." A message with no details in it necessarily takes more time to research. I'll add some clarifying remarks for you so Support knows what the issue is.

As to the prior case, it was closed after we suggested you disable Webroot to see if your issue persists and never heard back from you.

Hang in there though. We'll get your issue taken care of in short order. 🙂
The other issue was never resolved. Your company auto billed me after I already renewed under a different credit card. I was charged for this software twice. The auto renew went on an 85 year family members card that lives on social security and is dying of cancer.

I didn't notice it until months later when I took over as care giver for them. I called your company and the person on the phone agreed I should get a refund and submitted it, but I never heard back.

Now I'm stuck paying for a second license that I never authorized to be billed for and I had shut off the auto billing on that account. I should have never been billed for that in the first place. It just shows how little this company cares.

This webcam issue is just driving me nuts. I can't use Google hangouts now and I can't use Skype. I shut down the thing you told me about and it worked last night now nothing is working!!!!

I hate this company!!!
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An escalation engineer just responded to your case within 24 hours of receiving the ticket.

I'm a bit puzzled as to why I don't see anything at all about a refund issue in your case history. I do show two keycodes that are active, one of which hasn't been used in a long time. Auto-renewal is something we try very hard to make our customers aware of through sending them emails. The emails for the old keycode were being sent to an email address other than the one you used to register to the community, and I'm going to guess it's your elderly relative's email address, which she probably doesn't check too often or didn't open.

It's unfortunately too late after the fact at this point to work through providing you a refund, particularly with no contact history on the subject present in your case notes. But what I can do since I can prove your old license wasn't in use is give you another year to compensate for your troubles. Plus, I'll be adding that onto your current subscription, so you don't have to do anything on your end.

Please work with Lucas in the support ticket on the Google Hangouts issue. He was the engineer who first spotted the Google Hangouts issue and is the best qualified individual we have to troubleshoot the problem for you.

Please don't hate us! We are doing our best to help you. 🙂