Key code showing expired, but is active

  • 2 October 2013
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Logged onto my computer yesterday and got a renewal notice from Webroot saying there was a problem with my renewal.  My subscription is paid through January 30 of 2014.  I bought Webroot many years ago from Best Buy and have been happy pretty much.  I've never had this happen before.  My renewal is through them.  I called the number on the notice and got Geek Squad.  After a long time on the phone (being cut off once and had to call back and wait 20 more minutes), my phone needing charging 3 times, etc., I was told I was correct and my account is active (by 3 different people).  Finally got an "agent" online to help me and he did actually uninstall and reinstall Webroot after about a little over an hour.  I was told it was a problem with my key code saying it had expired.  Indeed, when I pull up Webroot, it shows my account is active but the keycode is "expired."  They referred me to billing.  Called them and they told me that this is happening to others and it was supposed to be fixed in several days. I asked both the agent and the billing person if it was safe to go on the internet anyway.  The agent told me not to go to risky sites.  The billing person told me I was safe, so I hope she was right.  She also told me shouldn't get any more notices of this sort again.  Well, it happened again tonight.  The automatic scanning runs just fine, etc.  It makes me nervous about seeing this notice on Webroot with the red explanation mark saying to renew now to get protected.  Is anyone else having this problem besides me?  Should I be contacting anyone else?  Thanks.

2 replies

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As you purchased from Best Buy, it most likely is a Best Buy Subscription copy. I would reccomend that you call 1800-GEEK-SQUAD regarding the problem. If there is an issue they should be able to correct it for you!
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I am sorry.. my thumb hit send by accident (I use an old mobile device on here a lot of the time). When you call, request to speak to Computing Services and ask for an Online Support agent to assist you. If Online Support cannot help they should be able to refer the problem to a department that can.