My webroot online account

In my online account it keeps saying Error retrieving data under PC and mobile security please help me fix this
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Hi kyle123
After changing the permissions, the most effective way to make your computers and mobile devices check-in would be to perform fresh uninstall/reinstalls of SecureAnywhere and waiting 30 minutes for the online account to update.
yes you can remove them will that fix my issue?
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Can you please follow my instructions in my last post so that I can distinguish using the permissions?
yes I did that it still needs fixed!!!
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 I cleaned up some of the older consoles, did you perform clean uninstall/reinstalls on your computers and mobile devices? Once you perform these reinstalls, they should check-in with your MyWebroot Account. Also, you have a Webroot Internet Security Plus subscription, so you will need to download the free version of the mobile app and once you enter your keycode, it will be given premier functionality.
You have a 3 seat license, so 1 mobile device and 2 computers will be covered (or any other combination of 3).

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If you have performed the reinstallations as suggested and the devices are still not checking in, the next step would be to have a remote session with one of our support technicians. If you would like to go this route, please Open a Support Ticket and let me know when you do so that I can add notes to it.
I have opened a  Open a Support Ticket but the isssue is still not fixed please help me
I hade a tech remote in and he found that ChromeFrame addon was causing the issue with the website and he told me he will contact the website support team to have them fix the website to work with the chrome frame please keep me updated as to when this will be fixed thank you
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Kyle, while we will bring this up with development to see what they conclude, it's entirely possible this issue is exposing a problem in the toolbar add-on itself. We'll keep you apprised of the conclusions development draws from this troubleshooting.
I am still having issues please let me know when they will be fixed?
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Hi Kyle, please follow up in your support case for a response to that question. The agent working the case will be an excellent source of information regarding any work that may go into adjusting the site's behavior with that browser plugin. As was pointed out before however, it's possible that the browser plugin will not be supportable because of the nature of what it is doing. That plugin is making IE appear to be Chrome in some respects but not others. That will certainly have negative repercussions on some websites. Development may choose to make adjustments to how the site recognizes the plugin and thus feeds information into the browser, but it is not feasible to do so for every browser plugin available online. The prevalence of this plugin may move them to make such a change however. Please follow up in the support case for additional information on any progress that may be taking place.