Destiny Ghost Edition sold out but priced well above normal on eBay

  • 5 August 2014
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By John Callaham
If you were hoping to get the $149.99 Destiny Ghost Edition for the Xbox One at your local games retailer, you are out of luck as the limited collector's version of Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter is sold out. However, there are plenty of the Ghost editions on eBay, but be prepared to pay a lot more than the standard price.
While there are a lot of the Ghost versions of Destiny that users can buy on eBay, instant sale prices for those games start at around $300 and some have reached beyond the $1,000 mark. You can also take your chances on bidding for the Ghost edition, but again, the bids tend to be much higher than the normal price.
Full Article. Did anyone in the Community managed to grab a copy of the edition?

1 reply

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That's a pretty cool box for a special edition.  I like it when they do lots of custom stuff like that.