auto renewal? without my confirmation?

Hello, I paid for 6 months subscription on the beginning of December 2012 and last week, on the 30th of May I received a message:

Webroot was unable to automatically renew your subscription to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete  (keycode SA78.................). Your protection will expire on 06/02/2013, leaving your PC at risk to dangerous online threats like Trojan-Backdoor-Zbot, Koobface, and millions of others.

Then minutes after I received another message

Your Product Receipt and Next Steps

Sold By
Webroot International Limited
385 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 800
Broomfield, CO 80023

May 30, 2013 02:37 AM
Invoice # RA00037753106

Billing Information


Order Summary

Qty    Item    Price
1    Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 5 Seat 6 Month Renewal

    Product Key: sa78-o*************

    USD $ 14.99
     tax:    USD $ 3.45

Total:    USD $ 18.44

Tax/VAT is applied based on address information


So I am wonder what happened, as I do not see any charge in my credit card nor my paypal account.
In case webroot uses auto renewal without my confirmation to proceed, I really do not want to use any of its products never again, but can you clarify first how it has been renewed? How it has been sold without me being asked, as it clearly states "sold".

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Mike, please have a look in this KB article.
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We use Uninterrupted Protection so that there is never a window where you are not protected. You can read more here.

Here are a few useful links for you that you can use to opt out of auto-renewal and submit a refund request for the renewal that has already occured.

Opt Out of Auto-Renewal

Online Refund Request
thank you for your links, however how is it possible that I have been charged and the renewal is not shown neither in my paypal nor my credit card transactions? Where you get the money from, is it possible that I know?
FYI, beginning of May 2013, my bank cancelled my visa credit card and gave me a new mastercard, so its impossible to know the new card No.
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It would probably be best if you Open a Support Ticket with 'Renewal' in the subject so that one of our renewal technicians can investigate further.
I was also auto-renewed without consent/confirmation.
While your product is pretty good, I think this type of "auto renew" w/o explicit consent is a bit grey at best and underhanded.  Policy should change on this to match the great product you put out.
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Hello k31v1n and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
Please have a look at the posts from pegas & MikeR posted above and read the links that they posted.
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I would also add that auto-renewal formats are becoming the norm.  I am familiar with quite a few AV solutions that also use auto-renew by default to maintain protection on the computer.  (No down time due to missed renewals)
While it is true that not all users prefer the auto-renewal systems, there are opt outs for it and a majority of users prefer it.
Personally I am advanced user and there are many times that I disable my AV, as I am also using images-backups, windows firewall etc. Thus I find very unnecessary at least the autorenewals. In the past I have been charged only once with autorenewal and without causing any problem, as I knew that I hadn't read everything in the beginning, I asked for refund, I have been refunded but never used these services anymore, same as here.
What I liked in WR secureanywhere was the price and the possibility to use on multiple PCs, as well as the speed-minimal resource impact. However most modern windows PCs are quite fast and AVs impact is not even detected anymore by an intermediate user, and with new windows firewall all needed is a good AV free or paid. But if I pay for Windows 7 or 8, this includes windows firewall and windows defender. Just an AV will suffice so if I pay for one it has to be free of incompatibilities, bugs and personally do not like autorenewals.
Apart from that, at least the company should consider to send an email prior auto renewal
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Webroot sends an email letting customers know how many days they have remaining before auto-renewal when you have 30 days and 14 days remaining.
I never received such an email MikeR. Only one on 30th May 2013 with subject: Warning Automatic Renewal Failure and another one few hours later with subject: Your product receipt and next steps.
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Did you double-check your spam folder? Please make sure is added to your 'Safe Senders' list. And for other readers, you can Send me a Private message with your email address if your product is not registered.
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I have been charged for automatic renewal without my permission. When i researched that there is a web page provided to get your money refund, it is asking for invoice number and total amount, but, i have never got any warning email or any email with invoice details. Then i have opened a ticket before 6 days, but, no reply from webroot technical support, even after 4 times send messages. Is there anyone who can guide proper way to get my money refund?

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Hi @cnramanuj9979 
I am sorry for the trouble you are having, I will ping @freydrew who is the  Community Manager he will get in touch with those behind the scenes to get it sorted for you.

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Hi @cnramanuj9979 , can you PM me your contact details so I can see what we can do about this with our customer support team. 

I’m assuming you found this page? 


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“can you PM me your contact details” - i am not getting you, can you please explain more…  thank you.

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I have already open a ticket on 28th of Jan, almost before 9 days, but, there is not a single response from your support team. Can you please check that out too? Let me know any information you want from me… i can provide...

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“can you PM me your contact details” - i am not getting you, can you please explain more…  thank you.

Sure thing. You can click on my profile, and then click on the button that says, “send message”. We call these private messages or PMs. From there you can send me a private note with your contact details in it. 


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Thanks @cnramanuj9979 , I got your message and will run this down. 

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I was just informed that our support team just sent you a refund. I’m glad we were able to close this out for you!